" Glopstory, a history of flop which is not one..

The man awoke, one could guess his yawns, in spite of the absence of

I remained paralysed, the so simple vision of this man to the alarm
clock produced on me the opposite effect of what my reason dictated to

A man, only a man

and yet...

While launching Glop Story, Doc. surely did not have idea of what it
was going to generate...

Beyond simple the webcam,

the history even of this misadventure does not leave indifferent.

A strong message,

a presence,


Doc. quite simply brings to us the Life in the 2nd World.

Because our community life,

and that well beyond our presence at the point Information...

To pass here, it is to be conquered by nature, by a simple and
beautiful history, neither more nor less than our history, than that
of the community, in fact,

Glopstory would have said Coluche:

" It is the history of a guy... "

Good visit...


Organizer on.